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Explore 2017 Interest rates available for Neogrowth SME Loan. Check eligibility criteria, documents required and get instant approval.

Neogrowth SME Business Loan

Neogrowth SME Business Loan is a simple, easy and quick way to fulfill your business fund requirements. It provides you flexible repayment options. Also, Neogrowth SME Business Loan is provided on the basis of current business performance, not by historic business performance. This makes Neogrowth stands out. It also offers doorstep services to their customers.

Following are the types of Neogrowth SME Business Loans –

Micro 2 Lakhs- 10 Lakhs6-8 months
Small Loans Up to 25 Lakhs 8 months
Business Loans Up to 50 Lakhs8-12 months
Elite/Signature Loans Up to 1 Cr12-24 months

Neogrowth SME Business Loan Interest Rate, Charges, Fees and Commissions

Processing Time3 days NA
Interest Rate 24% onwards
Processing Fees 2% + ST
PrePayment Fees Nil
Tenure 6 to 24 months 

Neogrowth SME Business Loan Eligibility

If you meet below mentioned criteria, then you are eligible for Neogrowth SME Business Loan-

  • Minimum 2 years of business experience
  • Minimum 1 year of credit card/ debit card swipe machine usage
  • Average monthly card sales of over INR 2 lakhs per month
  • Minimum card swipes should be 2 lakhs monthly.
  • Either office or residence should be owned by the individual.
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Neogrowth SME Business Loan Documents Required

For Neogrowth SME business Loan one has to need submit below mentioned documents-

  • Business PAN Card
  • Address proof (Residential and business) – Passport, Voter’s id, Rent agreement, Adhaar card
  • Age and identity proof.
  • Application form signed by the applicant.
  • Income Proof and bank statements
  • Business VAT certificates.