Best Offers on Home Loan

It can be a tedious process to go through all the home loan options each bank provides, and to finalize the one that’s cost-efficient and meets your needs. CreditNation can help you get the deal of a lifetime with its in-depth understanding of home loans and insights on great deals. Some of the best deals are shown below:

1. HDFC Bank

9.20% rate of interest

9.15% rate of interest for women

Processing fee only 0.50% of the principal amount or Rs. 2000 whichever is higher

Loan amount upto 75 Lakhs

No pre-payment charges whether full or partial payment from any source

2. ICICI Bank

9.20% rate of interest

9.15% rate of interest for women

Processing fee of only 0.50% of the principal amount

Loan amount up to 8 Lakhs

No pre-payment charges on floating rate home loan for a year

2nd and 3rd year fixed rate loan with 2% pre-payment charges.

3. Citi Bank

For salaried employees 9.30% rate of interest

Processing Fee – Rs.5000

Loan limit – Rs 5,00,000 to 10,00,00,000

At CreditNation, we encourage our customers to fill out an online home loan form to collect all the necessary information regarding your home loan requirement. Once we have archived your requirement, we run it through our database of new and old home loan options provided by all the banks. Then we assign a dedicated loan advisor for you who studies all the available options and provides the best match for you. If you’re still not satisfied and want more options with different specifications, your dedicated loan advisor collects your modified data and finds some more home loan offers that match your criteria. Whether you seek low interest rates, higher loan amount, no pre-payment fees, or you want diminishing rate of interest, we can find the best bank for home loans to meet your expectations.