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How to use credit cards in India

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Credit card is a common term and almost every Indian owns a credit card. Be it your dream of travelling or your habit of shopping, everything is just a swipe away with a credit card. Basically, credit card signifies “buy now, pay later” and to make your life more expedient, it also rewards you every time you spend.

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Besides the innumerable benefits, most of the people are still cautious about credit card because credit card also has drawbacks, if not used carefully. But one can avoid all the drawbacks of the credit cards with few simple steps and you can use it to maximise the level of benefits.

Following is your guide on how to use Credit card, to maximise the benefits: 

1. Make small purchases and establish your credit history: Don’t get over excited with a new credit card and avoid doing extravagant spending. Initially, it is advisable to make small purchases and pay them off without any delay, this way you’ll prove yourself a responsible customer to the financial institutions and it’ll also help you to make a good credit history. In future, if you’ll plan to go for any loan such as home loan, personal loan etc. this payment record or credit history will help you.

2. Don’t get into the trap: Once you start using, Credit Cards offers look attractive and you start considering getting another one, but you should avoid the trap. It will not just disturb your monthly expense record; it’ll also affect your credit score because lenders will think that you can’t suffice your needs with your pay check, which is why you are going after credit cards. So avoid owning multiple credit cards, at once.

3. Credit Card safety: You should be careful while using credit card. If someone gets to know your credit card’s confidential information or steal your credit card, he/she can use it for transaction, which you’ll end up paying. So take care of your credit card and save it from, going into wrong hands.

Lastly, credit cards are not for everyone. If you think you lack self- control or you are in debt, avoid credit card until you are mentally ready to use it with proper care. And when you are finally ready to own one, go through the details to pick the right card for yourself, as per your requirement. You can also visit to compare and pick the right card with the best offers.

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