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Are You Flashing Many Credit Cards?

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A credit card is a loan with a difference. Here, you get credit while you go spending or paying bills. However, the interest rates on credit cards are much higher than that on other loans. The more credit cards you have, the more you may be tempted to spend and the more difficult it will become to keep a tab of how much you have spent and when the repayments are due. Do remember that credit cards are the most expensive types of loans available in the market, and whether you miss your payment deadlines due to an oversight or because you have inadequate funds, you will have to pay heavily.

Credit card cautions
If you plan wisely to use each card to its advantage, but also keep a check on the rising charges so that the debt remained under control. Maintain your credit score over a period of time so that you could remain in the good books of the credit card companies. This is exactly what multiple credit cards holders should do to disentangle yourself from debt. However, if you cannot religiously keep a track on your spending or monitor each card prudently, then multiple credit cards can become a hindrance rather than an aid to money management, so step with caution depending on the kind of spending habits you possess!

Impact on credit report
While credit cards are extremely handy pieces of plastic, ideally, banks in India haven’t set any obligations on the number of cards you can carry. In India, you can easily find customers using four credit cards and the ones that don’t even have a single card. Due to the fact, your CIBIL credit score could be strained due to irrational credit card usage. In actuality, you must keep the number of credit cards which you can afford. Avoid using more than one card if you don’t have a good monthly income source.

Monitor your credit limit religiously
Your lenders will see you as a high risk candidate if you have high amount of outstanding balance to be paid. In fact, credit cards are the easiest way to fall into a debt trap that is a situation in which you borrow just to maintain your existing borrowings. So, to be on the safer side, you need to keep your outstanding balance about 10% to 30% of the overall credit limit. By doing this, you’ll get some relief and will also able to borrow more funds, if the need arises.

Never close your old card
Your oldest credit card age will do a significant role when the banks decide to open a new account under your name. In such cases, you can earn more points for keeping a long-established relation with the bank. The credit history of your old card is always better; and for taking loans, you could use your old credit card. If you wish, you could keep another card also for several other references and shopping online. Don’t ever close down your good old credit cards, even if you’re not using them frequently because they will definitely work towards building your good credit history.

Opt for right Credit Card
The credit card market in India is overwhelmed with attractive offers and deals that are quite tempting for the customers. As per the needs, every sensible card user can acquire several credit cards frequently. If you’re a constant traveller, then you could go for a travel credit card. Petro cards and special cards for getting discounts on restaurant bills are also highly popular in India. Whoever looking forward to multiple card options can decide buying these credit cards for a suitable experience.

Ideally, cards should be used as a temporary substitute for carrying cash. And, if that is the only motive you have when you carry a credit card, you will find that having one or at most two is quite sufficient.

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