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All you need to know about Loans in India

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Be it your dream of travelling, medical emergency or a business expansion plan, they all have one thing in common and that is money. Due to lack of funding, most of the people end up in a bewilder situation. However, solution is always available if we look around attentively, like loans which are, basically, an amount that you borrow from financial institutions with a promise to give it back within certain tenure.

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LOANS have various types, facilitating you to borrow as per your need, but despite this fact, most of the people, prefer to opt personal loan as their solution of all the problems due to unawareness. If only you know about the other loan options, you can actually save plenty on your interest rate.

Following are the common types of LOANS IN INDIA

1. Personal Loan: An unsecured multi-purpose loan, which you can use according to your need without answering anyone but as the name suggest, they are basically available for your personal needs. Be it travelling, wedding or buying a gift, personal loan is good for all, if you are okay to pay little higher interest rate, as there’s no collateral involved.

2. Loan Against property: It’s also a multi-purpose loan but secured, which means you would mortgage your asset, in order to get the loan. One of the benefits of loan against property, which makes it preferable, is the less interest rate. Through this loan, you can utilize your assets to make the most out of them and fulfil your needs.

3. Home loan: All of us share a common dream of owning our dream house, but to wait twenty to thirty years to accumulate the required amount of buying a house, shatter our dream. Home loan is a secured loan which you can take to own your dream house without waiting for years, and that too, at a reasonable interest rate, generally starting at 9.5%. Moreover, there are various TYPES OF HOME LOAN, which makes it quite convenient for you to buy a property or a house. 

4. Auto loan: Waiting for public transport doesn’t sound good and nor does it feel good, but that makes our dream of owning a car, even stronger. An auto loan is a secured loan, useful to buy your dream car immediately without waiting, but you should be careful about the repayment of loan. You should know if you fail to make payment of your secured loan, bank reserves the right to possess your property or vehicle.

5. Business Loan: An entrepreneur can understands how much efforts are required to run business, but business loan takes care of other business expenses so that you won’t get distracted by the expenses like working capital or funds for buying a new asset.

Loans are great option to fulfil the dreams of those who don’t have enough funds to fulfil their dreams. Be it home, education, medical recovery or travelling, loans have helped people to experience the joy. Furthermore, we constantly work to maximize the benefits for our customers by assisting them throughout the process and negotiating with bank, on their behalf, whenever required.

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